• 直営店 篁(たかむら)

直営店 篁(たかむら)


篁(たかむら)と高野竹工 京都で竹や木でものづくりをしている会社とその直営店舗です。


Takano Chikko is located in Nagaokakyo city which is known as one of the major producers of quality bamboo in Kyoto. Our staff take care bamboo forest by themselves, cut bamboo and make various products after several processes necessary for bamboo. Craftsmen who are specialized in various arts are working at the atelier, Sashimono (joining), Urush(lacquering), Maki-e(gold-relief lacquering) as well as Take-kogei(making crafts from bamboo). They make a large variety of products from tea ceremony utensils to goods for daily use. "Takamura", the shop name which means bamboo grove or bamboo forest is named with the sentiment for our point of origin.

京都市東山区中之町238-1 東山祇園ビル1-A
営業時間/ 12:00~19:00    定休日/ 毎週火曜
TEL 075-531-6881

Higasiyamagion Bld.1-A, 238-1, Nakanocho, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 605-0082, Japan
Open: 12:00 pm. Close: 7:00 pm.
We are closed on Tuesdays.


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